What is the account opening process?

We meet with potential clients to discuss their current circumstances. This is what is called the Know-Your-Client (KYC) process. We need to get to know you, your ability and willingness to accept risk, your financial situation and potential income needs, the reason you want to invest (short term goals like saving for a house or car, or longer-term ones, such as retirement) and investment objectives.

Risk Tolerance:
How comfortable are you investing in stocks that on their own, can be highly volatile in the short term? We have a client questionnaire to help determine your overall ability and willingness to handle risk.

Income Needs:
Do you require any income monthly, quarterly, or annually from your investment portfolio? If not now, in the future?

Time Horizon:
Over what time horizon are you planning to invest to achieve your personal, family and/or business investment objectives? Are there any big events (children’s tuition fees, house purchase, etc.) for which you will require a large sum of money? When are they?

Once we have developed your investment profile, we decide which asset mix best meets your needs. We assist you with completing the appropriate paperwork and take care of all the details of transferring assets into your new account with us. Your Portfolio Manager will look at your current portfolio and will sell securities that do not meet your investment criteria. We review your asset mix regularly to ensure it reflects your financial circumstances and expectations. We offer the following general asset mixes, but can tailor them to your personal circumstances:


The information on this web site is provided by Evans Investment Counsel to help individuals, families and business owners understand what we do to protect and grow their invested assets. We attempt to keep information on this web site accurate and current.

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