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At Evans Investment Counsel, it’s our goal to be a financial consultant in Toronto that you can trust. That means we work to ensure that your wealth grows in a long term and sustainable manner.
We can boast a skilled team of Toronto-based portfolio managers and relationship managers, and take an integrated approach to wealth and investment management. We look at your individual financial aspirations and craft a personalized portfolio to meet your ever-changing and evolving needs.

Diverse Clientele, Comprehensive Solutions

Our client base is as diverse as the financial solutions we offer. Over 98% of our clients are private investors. They include individuals, families, business owners and executives, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, doctors, and more. What they have in common is the desire to have a quality Toronto investment management advisor to help preserve their capital and generate sustainable wealth.

Expertise Through a Wide Range of Economic Cycles

Our investment management team combined has over 90 years of asset management experience. The team has weathered multiple economic cycles: troughs to peaks, booms to downturns. This breadth of experience is central to our ability to protect and grow our clients’ assets consistently, regardless of the underlying economic climate.

Tailored Investment Management in Toronto

We take a value approach to investment management. Understanding your financial goals – whether saving for your first home or for a child’s education, or aligning your investments with your spending patterns and retirement plans – is at the heart of our strategy. By delving into your specific requirements, we develop portfolios that meet your unique objectives.

Toronto Investment Management, Where Securing Your Financial Future is Our Ultimate Goal

Our wealth management services are designed to help you achieve your financial goals. By combining our tried-and-true value investing strategies with insightful financial advice, we ensure both your short- and long-term investment goals are within reach.

Detailed and Transparent Reporting

Our reports are designed to provide clear and straightforward insight into your investments. Quarterly reports, or monthly if you wish, offer detailed overviews of asset classes, sectors, industry exposure, and performance against meaningful benchmarks. Annually, we provide comprehensive reports for tax planning purposes, including capital gains, dividend and interest reports, and summaries of management and account expenses paid to us.

Alignment with Client Interests

Unique to our approach is our commitment to investing alongside our clients, thus ensuring that our interests are directly in line with your own. Almost every member of our team invests in the same equities, fixed income securities, and preferred shares as our clients.

A Comprehensive Investment Approach

Our investment selection process is both rigorous and consistent. We meticulously evaluate a wide range of assets, conducting in-depth research to ensure our eventual selections align with your personal goals and preferences. The result is a well-balanced portfolio that offers exposure to both high-growth equities and stable fixed-income assets, in ranges that are in accordance with your investment objectives.

Dedication to Client Understanding

We begin our relationship with you with a comprehensive questionnaire, designed to understand your risk tolerance, income needs, and investment time horizons. This initial step is crucial in crafting the appropriate portfolio for you.

Our Investment Methodology

We employ a highly selective and focused investment methodology, with 30-50 securities in each portfolio. Our investments typically include Canadian and US equities, bonds, and preferred shares, but our scope is global. We invest in companies spread across the UK, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and various emerging markets, always prioritizing value and client capital preservation.

Your Customized Asset Mix Built by a Leading Portfolio Manager Toronto

Based on your responses to our questionnaire and any preferences you may have expressed, we design a portfolio that includes an appropriate mix of bonds and equities. Whether you prefer to focus on a single asset class or have a diversified mix, as your portfolio manager Toronto, we will fine-tune your investments to suit your individual needs.

Investment Consulting in Toronto That Helps You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Our job is to smooth your journey towards financial success. We strive to remove obstacles and create a plan for you that promotes growth and protects your wealth. Whether your interest lies in stocks, bonds, or a balanced mix, we are here to provide the guidance and support you need.

Begin Your Journey with Proven Toronto Investment Management

Embarking on your financial journey should be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Our dedicated team in Toronto is committed to providing all the financial guidance you need to maximize your investment potential.

Reach Out Today for Expert Financial Management in Toronto

Ready for expert Toronto investment management that’s able to navigate both bearish and bullish economic climates for you? Want investment consulting in Toronto that’s based on data, historical trends, and an investment strategy built on years of experience? Interested in leveraging our financial advisory services and other financial services like tax planning support to ensure that your assets are protected and geared for growth?

If the answer is yes, we invite you to connect with us and begin the conversation about your financial goals. Our team is ready to provide you with expert advice, comprehensive planning, and personalized investment strategies. Every investment decision by the financial advisors at Evans takes into account risk and return characteristics of the asset.

As your trusted financial consultant, Evans Investment Counsel’s portfolio management in Toronto is committed to helping you achieve your investment objectives. We’ll make sure that your mix of asset classes matches your tolerance for risk and your preferred return characteristics.

With years of experience under our belts, we have a deep understanding and insight into risks and opportunities in the market, allowing us to create an ideal asset allocation mix that meets your needs, whether that’s retirement planning, saving for your family’s future, or growing your wealth over the long term.

Get in touch with our financial planning firm today to help you tailor a portfolio that fits your needs and investment philosophy perfectly. 


The information on this web site is provided by Evans Investment Counsel to help individuals, families and business owners understand what we do to protect and grow their invested assets. We attempt to keep information on this web site accurate and current.

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