Our Philosophy

Since our firm’s inception, our investment process has never changed: we screen hundreds of companies annually, conduct in-depth analysis on those that meet our investing criteria, and ultimately invest in only a handful of new securities each year. The portfolios we construct are dependent on each client’s investment needs, risk tolerance, time horizon(s), and any liquidity requirements. This personal approach extends to your stock selection: even though we make all investment decisions on your behalf, we can exclude any sector, company, or security you wish.

We primarily invest in mid-to-large cap Canadian and American equities, bonds and preferred shares. However, we have uncovered some great equities in the British, European, Japanese and emerging markets as well.

We do our best to avoid trends or fads. For example, we avoided Google when it was an up-and-coming, unknown company. However, once we understood the business, we invested in the stock when the price had dropped on fears of declining advertising revenue, and when the market valuation was attractive and more in line with Google’s growth.

Our approach has not changed since the firm’s inception in 1988, when Rob Evans began managing his family’s portfolio on a full-time basis. Rob hired his first employee a few years later and has since grown the firm exponentially. We have always focused on preserving and growing the wealth of our clients by trusting in our investment philosophy, staying the course and, where necessary, making decisions that might be unpopular at the time but that we expect will lead to superior long-term results.