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As your trusted financial advisor in Toronto, you can count on Evans Investment Counsel to prioritize capital preservation and the long-term growth of your investments (or “wealth”). By leveraging expert Toronto financial advisors with decades of combined experience, and taking a caring, personalized approach to each individual client, our sole aim is to assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

For a Trusted Toronto Financial Advisor, Experience Matters

Through bear and bull markets, economic booms and recessions, our team has demonstrated resilience – proving their ability to safeguard clients’ assets and nurture growth, regardless of the economic climate.

We offer wealth management services to:

  • Individuals with cash and margin accounts, RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, RESPs, and RDSPs
  • Families seeking to foster their wealth for future generations through tax sheltered plans, trusts, and other estate planning tools
  • Professionals of all stripes – accountants, lawyers, medical professionals, etc.
  • Executives of private and public companies
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

We tailor our approach to your specific goals, objectives and needs. Whether you’re a young family seeking to save for your child’s education or are interested in income-focused investing that aligns with your retirement plan and spending needs, we work to understand your investment requirements and to construct a plan and strategy to achieve them.

To Evans Investment Counsel, Your Financial Future Is Our #1 Priority

As your trusted financial advisor in Toronto, we offer a variety of wealth management services that are designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Through a mix of value investing, carefully curated portfolios, tax strategy, and financial planning advice, we’re able to ensure that both your short- and long-term investment goals are attainable.

Let’s detail how we stand apart from other financial advisors in Toronto.

What Makes Evans Investment Counsel the Right Financial Advisor in Toronto for You

We work with clients in a variety of financial situations and with a variety of investment amounts. As such, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. We do not use models to build client portfolios.

To ensure that each of our clients is individually catered to, we offer extensive and transparent GIPS®-compliant quarterly reporting.

Quarterly reporting packages to clients include:

  • Summaries of your asset classes, sectors, and industry exposure
  • Detailed performance figures versus a comparable blended benchmark
  • Account-level portfolio appraisals and transaction summaries; and
  • The value of your accounts and how they’ve changed on a dollar basis

At year end we deliver an enhanced package that includes all the reports you’ll need for tax purposes – capital gains reports, dividends and interest reports, summaries of fees paid, and any charitable stock donations made (for tax deduction purposes). Tax slips and reports that are required by Revenue Canada will be forwarded to you by the custodian as soon as they become available.

For your convenience, we upload your reports to our secure online portal, there for you to check whenever you like.

Understanding You

We believe in being aligned with our clients – that means that we invest alongside you. Every member of our team is invested in the same equities, fixed income assets, and preferred shares as clients. Most hold units of the Evans Value Fund as well.

When we first meet new clients, we provide them with a thorough questionnaire that helps us determine their investment goals and how best to achieve them.

This questionnaire includes an assessment of:

  • Risk tolerance: Are you interested in volatile, high-yield investments that offer the opportunity for short-term gains? Or a more conservative approach that looks to protect your wealth and prioritize long-term, sustained growth?
  • Income needs: Are you looking to acquire monthly, quarterly, or annual income from your investments now or in the future?
  • Time horizons: What are the time horizons for your portfolio? Do you have large purchases (education, property, etc.) that will require a large sum of money and when are these expected?

Our Portfolio Composition

Composite Portfolios Asset Mix
Equity 60-100% equity, 0-40% Cash or Cash equivalent
Balanced Growth 65-85% equity, 15-35% fixed income
Conservative Balanced 40-60% Equity, 40-60% fixed income
Balanced income 15-35% equity, 65-85% fixed income
Fixed income 70-100% fixed income, 0-30% cash or cash equivalent

Types of Accounts We Manage

Individual Accounts
Non-Registered Registered (Non-Locked-In) Registered (Locked-In) Beneficiary Plan
Margin Short
In Trust
Spousal RSP
Spousal RIF
Entity Accounts
Charitable Organization
Sole Proprietorship

Our Investment Approach

Since the beginning, our investment approach has remained unchanged: Of the thousands of assets available, we evaluate them, conduct further research on the companies that meet our predefined criteria (and match your personal goals/desires), and ultimately select only a handful of securities each year.

Typically, our investments target Canadian and US equities, bonds and preferred shares, but we also invest globally. We have invested in equities from the UK, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Germany, and a variety of emerging markets. We are consistent in prioritizing growth and security, as well as matching your individual portfolio to your specified needs.

Your specific mix of assets will be based on your answers to our questionnaire and your own expressed preferences; we will design a portfolio that includes bonds and equities, with the level of exposure to each asset class dependent on you.

This approach results in a well-balanced portfolio, offering substantial exposure to high-growth equities and fixed-income assets. Alternatively, it can be tailored to your preference focusing on a single asset class, if desired.

As your trusted Toronto financial advisor, we’re simply here to help you achieve your investment objectives.

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Nothing should stand in the way of you and your financial goals.

We remove the obstacles and help you build a plan that both encourages growth and protects wealth.

Whether you’re interested in a portfolio entirely comprised of stocks, bonds, or any mix of the two, we’re here to help.

Get in touch so we can begin to get to know you, your goals, and how we can best reach them. Our asset management Toronto team is here to provide all the financial guidance you’ll need to get the most out of your investments.

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