Michelle Mark BComm

Head Trader

Michelle joined Evans in 2012, and as our Head Trader is responsible for finding the best possible prices and allocating trades to client accounts. Michelle obtained her Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, where she majored in Management Information Systems. Prior to joining the firm, Michelle worked at several major brokerage firms as a quantitative analyst. While at Nesbitt Thomson, she created the Investment Comments quarterly document (also known as the RedBook) which was ranked #1 according to the Brendan Wood Survey as the “most widely, regularly read” document of its kind in Canada. It was a compilation of the companies that were covered by the analysts which included charts, fundamental data, estimates and ratings, as well as a brief commentary on each company. She also created another document called EDGE when she was at Scotia Capital Markets, which was ranked #2.

Michelle was born in Lachine, Quebec, and spent most of her childhood in Montreal. She loves strawberry shortcake and pop music, and makes the best key lime pie imaginable.